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NHMRC New Open Access Policy

NHMRC has announced its new Open Access Policy. All scholarly publications arising from research it has funded must now be immediately and freely available on publication. Items also have to be published with an open license, allowing them to be used and shared.

The full policy is online and accessible via this link

The updated policy applies to peer-reviewed outputs from all new grants awarded under Grant Opportunity Guidelines issued from 20 Sep 2022. For other NHMRC grants, these provisions will be phased in to full implementation by 1 January 2024. The Policy includes sections on sharing research data, and on patents.

Implication for future publications: 

Previously, NHMRC allowed a 12-month embargo before a publication from its research funding became openly accessible. This embargo still applies for outputs arising from the other key research funder the Australian Research Council.

A notable consideration in the NHMRC's new open access requirement is for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander intellectual and cultural rights. A more restrictive license is allowed as appropriate for publications about research involving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities.

The Commission also announced it has joined the International consortium cOAlition S which promotes open access to research results. 


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Closing Date: 24 October 2022

Closing Date:16 November 2022

Closing Date: 15 December 2022

NHMRC-National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Collaborative Research Grants

Masha Somi: Sax Forum: A presentation on the Medical Research Future Fund

Dr Somi, Chief Executive Officer at the Health and Medical Research Office which oversees investments from the MRFF, shared insights about the Fund’s priorities and approach at a SAX Forum in June 2021. She explained the general approach to funding decisions, and how researchers at all career stages can best respond to funding opportunities. More info about SAX Forum..