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Midwifery LibGuide


This guide is intended to provide a good overview of midwifery resources - books, ebooks, databases, journals and websites. Please let us know if you find it useful and/or if you have other suggestions to add to the site. 

Some new books and ebooks

Doody's e-book collection

We recently purchased both the 2021 and 2022 Doody collections of key medical ebooks. Bowral Hospital paid for 2021 and Liverpool Hospital paid for 2022.  Access is available across the District and we hope will be of great benefit to staff.

A few of the 90 books included are listed below:

A selection of relevant books

A selection of texts are shown below. Click on the image to check availability. Staff can request books from libraries across the SWSLHD District and choose where they will collect them. See the Reserve page for instructions and contact your Library if you need assistance.