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HealthStats NSW

Have you heard about HealthStats NSW?

HealthStats NSW is an interactive, public website bringing together data from many sources to produce ready-to-use statistics, flexible analysis tools and custom reports about the health of the state's population. 

Users can view and download data and select indicators to produce tailored reports. Data available on HealthStats NSW provides valuable insights into a wide range of health determinants and outcomes. 

Statistics software

New releases from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

Literature search filters

Search filters are pre-tested strategies that identify the higher quality evidence from the vast amounts of literature indexed in the major medical databases. Search filters help to refine the results according to study designs (e.g experimental studies, RCTs or qualitative studies) or the target of interest (e.g gender studies).

Remember experienced and expert clinical Library staff are available to assist you with your literature searches. You can request a search be done for you or work with us to design an effective search strategy.