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Clinical Guidelines

You should always first refer to the specific clinical guidelines which are recommended for the Ward, Department or Service where you are working.  If you are not sure ask a senior member of staff for assistance. 

Clinical practice guidelines outline the recommended best practice for patient care and should be based on the most current research evidence. 

If you are looking for clinical guidelines on a topic you can often find national and international guidelines by doing a simple internet search on your topic and "guidelines". You can include .au to limit your results to Australia and .gov to limit to government sites including official Health sites.

Producing Guidelines

Clinical Guidelines on the Intranet

SWSLHD Policy, Procedures & Guidelines can be found on the Intranet - for internal access only 

The NSQHS Standards

Australian National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards - Live searches

These PubMed live searches have been developed, tested and endorsed as part of the Health Libraries for the National Standards Research Project (HeLiNS), a joint initiative of Health Libraries Australia and Health Libraries Inc. The searches provide updated results for topics aligned to the Australian National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards.

These searches provide access to current evidence on topics related to best practice in Australian health services:

Key sources for Clinical Guidelines

Guidelines on CIAP (Clinical Information Access Portal)

There is a tab in CIAP where you will find sources for clinical guidelines

Each of the CIAP speciality guides will list relevant guidelines, for example the Aboriginal Health Speciality Guide