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Bankstown Hospital - Grand Rounds - Further Reading

A guide to further information resources to support Grand Rounds and vocational education


Welcome to the Grand Rounds Further Reading List, Gastroenterology edition, brought to you by the Clinical Library, on Level 4, next to the Auditorium.

This library guide is to help support you in your professional development. Please give us feedback so we can improve this list in the future.

Some sections are under construction and will be ready later in the year. If you are presenting at a later Grand Rounds, please contact and tell us about the content of your paper so we can add appropriate resources to the list for when you present. your paper.

If you have any questions, please contact the Clinical Library on 9722 8250 or email or visit us Monday to Fridays, 8.30am - 5.00pm.


“Hepatic Vascular Disorders

-new advances

Journal Articles

All journal articles are available via CIAP, or by request from the Clinical Library, via our online request form.


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