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Database saved searches and alerts

An excellent way of receiving really focused and relevant alerts on new research in your topic of interest is to set up alerts on a database search. You could also choose to just save your search and re-run it at a convenient time tp pick up new results. You can also set up alerts on specific journal titles. 

To save your searches you need to create a personal account in the database. In CIAP your Ovid account will allow you to save searches in Medline, Embase, Emcare and PsycINFO. The instructions below will work for any of the CIAP Ovid databases.  

Saving a search in CIAP Ovid Medline

Medline can be found on the CIAP Homepage or via the Databases tab. You will need to use your staffID to login from a personal device.  Run the search for the information you want, tick the search history and then Save the search. Any kind of search can be saved, including an author's name, a journal title, a simple topic or a complex search.  You can ask library staff for help constructing your search. 

You will be prompted to login or create a personal Ovid account if you have not already done so and then give your saved search a name.


To re-run the search at a later date - you need to go to My Workspace and then My Searches and Alerts.

This can be a little bit difficult to see in tiny writing in the middle of the display.

To run the saved search again tick the search and choose the Run option.

Note - if you want to make any changes to your saved search you will need to save the search again, overwriting your original search.

Database alerts in Ovid Medline

A search alert notifies you of new articles that match a search you have saved. This can alert you to new articles related to a given subject area or published by a certain author. To set up a search alert you need to design and run a search in a citation database, save the search and set alert:

Medline Search Alert: 

1. Run the search

2. Click create Auto-Alert 

3. Choose your preferred Scheduling option

4. Add your email address and click Save

Scheduling and delivery options: