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Medical Qualifications and Exams - Resources

ACEM Training and Exams

The Emergency Medicine FACEM Training program equips emergency practitioners to become consultants in emergency medicine. The program is flexible, can be undertaken within five years, and provides trained supervisors, relevant assessments and robust examination.

For more information on FACEM Training and Support and exams Click FACEM Training programs and FACEM examination webpages. 

NSW Heath Emergency Medicine Training Program

The NSW Emergency Medicine (EM) Training Program offers trainees a coordinated, networked approach to training that brings together EM trainees, hospital specialists and the Australasian College of Emergency Medicine (ACEM) to ensure that the on-the-job training available in NSW is the best on offer in Australia. Training is delivered in 40 ACEM accredited hospitals across the state, offering EM trainees access to high quality education and training under the governance of HETI’s Emergency Medicine State Training Council (EMSTC) read more 

Camden and Campbelltown Hospitals Emergency Department

Camden and Campbelltown Hospitals Emergency Department  webpage includes a wealth of information such as Polices and Guidelines, Handbooks, Clinical Exam, current Research/clinical trials running in the hospital and more resources. The webpage is accessible via Intranet only. 

Emergency Medicine Podcast/Media

CIAP has collected links to Podcast and Media on a number of Emergency care such as critical care, EM cases, paediatric emergency medicine... .

Recommended Readings

ACEM Educational Resources including ACEM-developed modules and general materials recommended by FACEMs and trainees are accessible to ACEM members. 

Here is a list of recommended Readings for Emergency Medicine exams.

Recommended Journals