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RANZCO Training and Exams

Vocational Training Program

The objective of the Vocational Training Program (VTP) is to produce a specialist ophthalmologist who, on completion of training, is equipped to undertake safe, unsupervised, comprehensive, general ophthalmology practice.

The College envisages an “ideal training system” in which the best Trainees are selected and appointed, and then undergo high quality training experiences. Systems have been developed to capture feedback to and from all parties involved in training and assessment. This feedback enables continuous quality improvement of the training system. Read more


The College conducts a progressive assessment throughout the training process comprising formative and summative components. This includes comprehensive examinations that trainees must satisfactorily complete to progress through each stage of the Vocational Training Program (VTP). Each examination is aligned with one or more of the curriculum standards.

Curriculum Standard

Curriculum Standards

Curriculum performance standards underpin all training and assessment. These standards document the skills, knowledge and behaviours that a trainee must attain by the end of the Vocational Training Program (VTP). An overview of the VTP and its assessment requirements and all other standards, including examination standards, can be found here.

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