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Medical Qualifications and Exams - Resources

RANZCR Training and Exams

Training Program 

The Training Programs for Clinical Radiology and Radiation Oncology launched from February 2022 for all Australian, New Zealand, and Singapore trainees. Read more

Radiation Oncology Training Program

Clinical Radiology Training Program 

Examination Radiation Oncology

Examination Clinical Radiology

RANZCR useful sources and video tutorials

TAR Webinars

To support the launch of the 2022 Training Programs, the College delivered a series of webinars throughout 2021 to inform trainees, Directors of Training and Networks about the key changes to the Clinical Radiology and Radiation Oncology Training Programs.

These webinars are a useful resource for anyone wanting to learn more about the 2022 Training Programs and are accessible via the links below:

Clinical Radiology

Radiation Oncology

RANZCR Recommended Guidelines

Browse the Guidelines recommended by RANZCR from the link below: 

Clinical Radiology Guidelines 

Radiation Oncology Guidelines

Recommended Readings

Recommended Journals